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About Breathwork

"Breathwork" is a rebranding and simplification of a complex and advanced human science.  Breathwork was developed in the last hundred years and continues to be experimented with, leading to mixed and sometimes detrimental results. The original respiratory exercises that breathwork pulls from date back thousands of years and are one of the most sophisticated and integrative human sciences known to humankind. I teach and facilitate respiratory techniques from the original teachings. If this interests you, I'd love to share more with you and guide you through a simple practice of one particular practice that has incredible health benefits so that you can experience the results firsthand. I offer a FREE introductory class and breath session every other week on Wednesdays online.


Guided safely and gently within an informed and compassionate context, these sessions are an opportunity to remove blocks, connect with your highest potential, and significantly improve your wellbeing. Amongst a plethora of proven health benefits, this practice elongates brain waves, increases neural plasticity in the brain, and activates oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and vasopressin. This means that it can counter dis-ease, rewire negative thinking, increase emotional wellbeing, release old thought patterns, and create space and flexibility for new and healthy habits to emerge. It also alkalizes, oxygenates, and detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system, and resets the vagus nerve. There is much more to share about this incredible practice. I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and try RESET, my free online introduction + guided session. Or if you prefer, book a private session with me. You are also welcome to read testimonials from past participants, check out frequently asked questionscontact me directly, or visit my teacher's website.

If you would like to contribute to positive change in the world, the place to start is within.


“The world is nothing but a collection of individuals.

Change the individual, change the world.”

  -  J. Krishnamurti

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