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"My breathwork experience with Rhiannon was great.  I was a bit nervous and Rhiannon made me feel very comfortable, knowing it was my first time.  Before meeting with Rhiannon, I had a headache for two days and I didn't know why.  I was also very stressed out.  After my session, my headache was completely gone and I was stress-free.  I have never felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.  I'm really blown away and eager to learn more about meditation and self-healing.  Thank you Rhiannon."

- M. Jackson

"Doing breathwork with Rhiannon is like a deeper form of meditation.  She can get you to a level that I personally couldn't get to before because of my constant thinking and monkey mind.  Her breathwork session got me out of that funk and allowed me to ease into myself, tap into my body, and focus on my breath.  After my session I was in a state of relief.  I just felt like everything was going to be ok.  I felt grounded and ready to take on anything that the external world might come at me with.  I had accessed a state of peace during the session that I carried with me for the rest of the day and the following day.  It was a very relaxing experience.  I recommend Rhiannon for one-on-one breathwork because she is very easy to work with.  She facilitates with a type of calm and peaceful energy that is easy to tap into and blend with during the session.  She is very welcoming and receptive to what one is needing in the moment.  Rhiannon has very fluid energy and she makes sure that she is in line with what the person she is working with needs.  It is easy to trust her and her facilitation and as a result, one is able to let everything go and drop into the experience."

- A. García

"My breath work session with Rhiannon was wonderful! The space she created before the session was warm, inviting and relaxed, which made it easy and safe to drop in. She answered all of my questions and offered her own wisdom clearly and articulately, but also with a kind and humble sweetness. During the session she intuited exactly the kind of care that was needed in the moment, whether it was encouraging words or grounding touch. Throughout the session I felt space enough to have a full process without ever feeling rushed. Rhiannon’s focus, attention and gentle care made me feel supported and loved, which ultimately led to a much deeper experience! I would love to do another session with her soon!"

- A. Pitcher

"Through my breathwork session with Rhiannon I learned how to ground myself with my body using the breath.  I usually ground myself with my mind using meditation so it was nice to experience a new way of getting into a deep meditative state.  I didn't expect to go as far as I ended up going during the session.  I haven't spent that kind of time with myself for a while.  At first, I felt resistance to breathing in a different way but my trust in Rhiannon allowed me to relax into the experience and drop in.  After a while, I forgot that she was even there.  Her presence was so quiet and light, I couldn't even hear her breathing.  I felt her when she touched my feet and I really liked that because it made me feel supported.  Her touch was comforting and it created safety for me.  I also liked the music that Rhiannon was playing during the session.  I felt a deep connection with the various elements that she introduced with the sound selection.  In the session I was able to release emotions that I had been carrying with me for a while.  After the session I felt clearer, more grounded, and somehow more learned.  It felt incredible."

- J. Hernández

"Rhiannon spent some time explaining the philosophy of Breath Work and telling me about a variety of things that may happen during the session.  I appreciated this as I’d never done a session before and hadn’t known too much about the process or quite what to expect.  I found it a very relaxing experience despite the fact that I was a novice.  Rhiannon is a skilled practitioner who inspires confidence and helps you to feel secure in your experience.  She is involved enough to provide support and detached enough to allow you to discover your own journey through the session.  Rhiannon is a very intuitive guide who taps into your mental and physical state.  In this way she is able to provide the appropriate experiential environment of senses both olfactory and through touch when necessary.  The background music is inspiring in itself and the whole experience had the effect of releasing emotions connected with grief that I had been struggling with.  I would highly recommend Rhiannon as a Breath Work guide, she is sensitive, intuitive, and a grounded teacher in this field."

- H. Howells

"It’s hard to put into words the entirety of the experience I had during and after my breathwork with Rhiannon. I went into the session with no expectations and came out of it feeling a powerful internal shift and sense of wholeness with myself and others. What was most incredible was the expansive and deepened sense of connection with my newborn daughter, on a level I would have never expected. I truly believe I was able to reach this depth due to the guidance and support that Rhiannon facilitated during the work. Her presence made me feel held in the space and the tools she integrates broaden the possibilities within the work in a unique way."

- A. Scharpf

"I've done two breathwork sessions with Rhiannon so far and they were both really great.  During the recent session, I felt amazing.  It was quite powerful and visceral, all of the sensations.  I felt as if I was transported somewhere.  I had been struggling with some heavy emotions lately and during the session I was able to process them, release them, and receive inner guidance about how to move forward.  The most significant realization I received is that the answer is in me, that I have to find it in me.  I felt much lighter and happier afterwards.  Ever since, I've been telling all of my friends about the experience.  I highly recommend Rhiannon for breathwork and I'm looking forward to my next session with her."

- A. Danielson

"Being guided by Rhiannon’s loving presence is one of the most beautiful healing experiences I’ve ever had. I'm on her weekly breath-work session any chance I get.  I’m able to shift things - see things in more perspective and reflect and integrate them into my life.  I love her holding space for me, she’s always patient with me and helps ground me through my journey and process.  A million of gratitude words cannot be expressed enough."

- May-Tal

"I feel so safe and held in the loving container Rhiannon creates in her breathwork sessions. The deep surrender I experience is medicine for my body and soul. The way Rhiannon gently guides one into the breathwork journey is like water flowing through a stream - effortless, yet powerful, and incredibly healing. The yin style of breathwork that Rhiannon teaches is the most nourishing breathwork practice I've ever experienced. In my session last week, I was able to come naturally into a state of pure Oneness, merging with the infinite, beyond all space and time. I felt waves of love pouring to, through and from me, in all directions. It was a homecoming to my true nature. My nervous system was indeed reset, replenished, and recharged afterwards. I highly recommend Rhiannon's breathwork sessions. She guides one from such a genuine, heart-centered space, and you can tell she truly cares."

- Sara

"Hi Rhiannon I just wanna take a moment to say thank you for today’s class. I’ve taken so many breathwork classes, but none of them were like today. Your energy was just sublime and I felt your breathwork love vibration deeply. Yet again today felt like the first time I had ever taken your breath work class. A million trillion thank yous dear one."

- Larry Kessler

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