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Online Breath Sessions

◈ Reset your body to boost immunity and alkalize ◈

◈ Reset your mind to reduce stress and emotional reactivity ◈

◈ Reset your vagus nerve to sleep better and heal ◈



WHO: Facilitated by Rhiannon Jane Love

WHAT: Introduction + Guided Breath Meditation

WHEN: Wednesdays

Weekly Class @ 12:15pm Pacific Time

Monthly Class @ 9pm Pacific Time

WHERE: In the privacy of your own home (via Zoom)*

*Weekly Class is also available in-person in Encinitas, California

WHY: Learn about respiratory techniques from a Certified Teacher & Facilitator

and experience their benefits firsthand. Develop a weekly practice to free up more energy and fortify your body, mind, and soul.

HOW: Go to Soul of Yoga to sign up for the Weekly Class

(look for "Breathwork" in their online schedule every Wednesday)

Contact Rhiannon to sign up for the Monthly Class



Suggested energy exchange for special Monthly Class is $30 but any amount welcome. All profits forwarded to benevolent causes that benefit all of us.

Payment Options

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